Self Love... with The Donna Jackson

Hey Beautiful! 

Did you know that it is OK, and I mean OK to put you first?

Oh…and actually do what YOU want to do?

Without upsetting others around you? 


Hey, I'm The Donna Jackson

You may laugh at the "THE" in front of my name, heck, I have even had to laugh and get used to it.  There are A LOT of Donna Jackson's in the world...and well, just like YOU, I am unique and real.  So we added a THE so you all know who you are talking with and hanging out with is the real deal! 

Let's keep going....what am I and my company about...I believe in having a place where we can come together and have access to resources to support what we need in life. Without my group of powerhouse women, I wouldn't have made it through the hardest health challenge in my life. In just two years, I had the transformation of a life time and was gifted the opportunity to explore what Self Love is to me with the support of "my girls", the extraordinary women in my life.  I've created The Self Love Society to provide you, my Beautiful Souls, with a place you can call home. A place you can come without fear of being judged and to truly be yourself.  You may be wishing you could hit the reset button, do something different with your life. You may already be in the middle of the transition of a lifetime. You are in the perfect place. A place to find and be your unique Self!

It's time to get real... 

Are you ready? 

xoxo, Donna



There are two things I know are important to becoming the best version of ourselves: support & learning the art of Self Love. That's why I'm here, to give you both. I'm here to share with you a community and to get you started on your way to Self Love. I've brought together a group of my favorite experts to help you get there. 


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